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Re: [PATCH] ld: add switch to disable use of BLX instructions

> If this is moving to a single '[no-]use' option, then why do we need ...
>> @@ -625,6 +628,10 @@ PARSE_AND_LIST_ARGS_CASES='
>>        use_blx = 1;
>>        break;
>> +    case OPTION_NO_USE_BLX:
>> +      no_use_blx = 1;
>> +      break;
>> +
> ... 'use_blx' and 'no_use_blx'.  Seems like we just need one of them.

If the code has a default interpretation [that is, if it is valid to omit
all relevant flags], and especially if the user wishes to supersede
(via the command line) the choices that some tool (or build-system manager)
specifies by default, then both flags are desirable (and also the code
must co-operate.)

In practice, this means that the code must contain both of
	flag = 1;
	flag = 0;
(or the single usage
	flag = optval;
) somewhere in the options processing.  If the code mentions only
one of the fixed constant values (such as
	use_blx = 1;
without also somewhere else
	use_blx = 0;
) then there is some internal state which cannot be specified.


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