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[PATCH] opcodes: Don't disassemble STMFD/LDMIA sp!, {reg} to PUSH/POP

In the review for my change to emit A2 encodings for ARM PUSH/POP instructions
with a single register Richard Earnshaw noted that the disassembly of
STMFD/LDMIA sp!, {reg} instructions should not be disassembled to PUSH/POP
instructions.  This patch fixes that.

Due to the table-driven architecture of the disassembler I had to enumerate
each single-register choice.  I didn't see a better way at least.

Full test suite run for ARM EABI.  No regressions.  OK?

P.S. If this is OK, then can someone commit for me?  I don't have write

2012-04-18  Meador Inge  <>

	* arm-dis.c (arm_opcodes): Don't disassemble STMFD/LDMIA sp!, {reg}
	to PUSH/POP {reg}.

2012-04-18  Meador Inge  <>

	* binutils-all/arm/objdump.exp:
	STMFD/LDMIA sp!, {reg} don't disassemble to PUSH/POP {reg} any longer.

2012-04-18  Meador Inge  <>

	* gas/arm/stm-ldm.d: STMFD/LDMIA sp!, {reg} don't disassemble to
	PUSH/POP {reg} any longer.  Some new test cases have been added as well.
	* gas/arm/stm-ldm.s: Likewise.

Signed-off-by: Meador Inge <>
 binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/arm/objdump.exp |    2 +-
 gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.d                 |   41 +++++++++++++++++++---
 gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.s                 |   32 ++++++++++++++++-
 opcodes/arm-dis.c                               |   34 +++++++++++++++++++
 4 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/arm/objdump.exp b/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/arm/objdump.exp
index 2b78db3..321e2a9 100644
--- a/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/arm/objdump.exp
+++ b/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/arm/objdump.exp
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ if [is_remote host] {
 set got [binutils_run $OBJDUMP "-dr $objfile $objfile"]
-set want "$objfile:\[ \]*file format.*$objfile:\[ \]*file format.*push.*add.*sub.*str.*add.*pop"
+set want "$objfile:\[ \]*file format.*$objfile:\[ \]*file format.*push.*add.*sub.*str.*add.*ldmfd"
 if [regexp $want $got] then {
     pass "multiple input files"
diff --git a/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.d b/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.d
index 564b8bc..3d940a5 100644
--- a/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.d
+++ b/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.d
@@ -1,14 +1,43 @@
 #objdump: -dr --prefix-addresses --show-raw-insn
 #name: STM and LDM
+#warning: writeback of base register when in register list is UNPREDICTABLE
 # Test the `STM*' and `LDM*' instructions
 .*: +file format .*arm.*
 Disassembly of section .text:
-0+000 <.*> e92d0001 	push	{r0}
-0+004 <.*> e92d000e 	push	{r1, r2, r3}
-0+008 <.*> e92d0200 	push	{r9}
-0+00c <.*> e8bd0200 	pop	{r9}
-0+010 <.*> e8bd000e 	pop	{r1, r2, r3}
-0+014 <.*> e8bd0001 	pop	{r0}
+0+000 <.*> e92d0001 	stmfd	sp!, {r0}
+0+004 <.*> e92d0002 	stmfd	sp!, {r1}
+0+008 <.*> e92d0004 	stmfd	sp!, {r2}
+0+00c <.*> e92d0008 	stmfd	sp!, {r3}
+0+010 <.*> e92d0010 	stmfd	sp!, {r4}
+0+014 <.*> e92d0020 	stmfd	sp!, {r5}
+0+018 <.*> e92d0040 	stmfd	sp!, {r6}
+0+01c <.*> e92d0080 	stmfd	sp!, {r7}
+0+020 <.*> e92d0100 	stmfd	sp!, {r8}
+0+024 <.*> e92d0200 	stmfd	sp!, {r9}
+0+028 <.*> e92d0400 	stmfd	sp!, {sl}
+0+02c <.*> e92d0800 	stmfd	sp!, {fp}
+0+030 <.*> e92d1000 	stmfd	sp!, {ip}
+0+034 <.*> e92d2000 	stmfd	sp!, {sp}
+0+038 <.*> e92d4000 	stmfd	sp!, {lr}
+0+03c <.*> e92d8000 	stmfd	sp!, {pc}
+0+040 <.*> e92d000e 	push	{r1, r2, r3}
+0+044 <.*> e8bd000e 	pop	{r1, r2, r3}
+0+048 <.*> e8bd0001 	ldmfd	sp!, {r0}
+0+04c <.*> e8bd0002 	ldmfd	sp!, {r1}
+0+050 <.*> e8bd0004 	ldmfd	sp!, {r2}
+0+054 <.*> e8bd0008 	ldmfd	sp!, {r3}
+0+058 <.*> e8bd0010 	ldmfd	sp!, {r4}
+0+05c <.*> e8bd0020 	ldmfd	sp!, {r5}
+0+060 <.*> e8bd0040 	ldmfd	sp!, {r6}
+0+064 <.*> e8bd0080 	ldmfd	sp!, {r7}
+0+068 <.*> e8bd0100 	ldmfd	sp!, {r8}
+0+06c <.*> e8bd0200 	ldmfd	sp!, {r9}
+0+070 <.*> e8bd0400 	ldmfd	sp!, {sl}
+0+074 <.*> e8bd0800 	ldmfd	sp!, {fp}
+0+078 <.*> e8bd1000 	ldmfd	sp!, {ip}
+0+07c <.*> e8bd2000 	ldmfd	sp!, {sp}
+0+080 <.*> e8bd4000 	ldmfd	sp!, {lr}
+0+084 <.*> e8bd8000 	ldmfd	sp!, {pc}
diff --git a/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.s b/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.s
index 77bbfbb..d35179d 100644
--- a/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.s
+++ b/gas/testsuite/gas/arm/stm-ldm.s
@@ -1,8 +1,36 @@
 	.syntax unified
 	stmfd	sp!, {r0}
-	stmfd	sp!, {r1, r2, r3}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r1}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r2}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r3}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r4}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r5}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r6}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r7}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r8}
 	stmfd	sp!, {r9}
-	ldmia sp!, {r9}
+	stmfd	sp!, {sl}
+	stmfd	sp!, {fp}
+	stmfd	sp!, {ip}
+	stmfd	sp!, {sp}
+	stmfd	sp!, {lr}
+	stmfd	sp!, {pc}
+	stmfd	sp!, {r1, r2, r3}
 	ldmia sp!, {r1, r2, r3}
 	ldmia sp!, {r0}
+	ldmia sp!, {r1}
+	ldmia sp!, {r2}
+	ldmia sp!, {r3}
+	ldmia sp!, {r4}
+	ldmia sp!, {r5}
+	ldmia sp!, {r6}
+	ldmia sp!, {r7}
+	ldmia sp!, {r8}
+	ldmia sp!, {r9}
+	ldmia sp!, {sl}
+	ldmia sp!, {fp}
+	ldmia sp!, {ip}
+	ldmia sp!, {sp}
+	ldmia sp!, {lr}
+	ldmia sp!, {pc}
diff --git a/opcodes/arm-dis.c b/opcodes/arm-dis.c
index 03062ad..66d85a9 100644
--- a/opcodes/arm-dis.c
+++ b/opcodes/arm-dis.c
@@ -1159,12 +1159,46 @@ static const struct opcode32 arm_opcodes[] =
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04300000, 0x0d700000, "ldrt%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04100000, 0x0c500000, "ldr%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0001, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0002, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0004, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0008, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0010, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0020, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0040, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0080, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0100, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0200, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0400, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0800, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d1000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d2000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d4000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d8000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0000, 0x0fff0000, "push%c\t%m"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08800000, 0x0ff00000, "stm%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08000000, 0x0e100000, "stm%23?id%24?ba%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0001, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0002, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0004, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0008, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0010, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0020, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0040, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0080, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0100, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0200, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0400, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0800, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd1000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd2000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd4000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
+  {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd8000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0000, 0x0fff0000, "pop%c\t%m"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08900000, 0x0f900000, "ldm%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08100000, 0x0e100000, "ldm%23?id%24?ba%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x0a000000, 0x0e000000, "b%24'l%c\t%b"},
   {ARM_EXT_V1, 0x0f000000, 0x0f000000, "svc%c\t%0-23x"},

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