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Xgate patch for the binutils

Hello binutils maintainers,

This is my first post here. I've been a user of the binutils for
over ten years and I'd like to offer my thanks and appreciation
for the work you folks do.

In the past year I've become involved in developing with
microcontollers as a hobbyist. I'm using a Freescale MC9S12XDP512
MCU for my project.

To compile firmware for the MCU, I use tools built by Sean Keys
containing the support he has added for the Xgate coprocessor.
This port of binutils has worked well for my purposes since I
began using it in August of 2011.

Sean tells me that he has begun the process of officially
submitting a patch to the binutils project. I'm excited about
this, as having support for my MCU in the official binutils will
make life much easier for me and other users of this hardware.

While the technical workings of the assembler are something I've
not looked into in the past, I'd like to offer my support.

Is there anything I can do to assist in getting Sean's Xgate
patch reviewed and incorporated into the binutils?

Thank you,

Simeon Veldstra

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