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(Toplevel patch) Clean up use of enable_shared, enable_threads.

(Toplevel patch) Let the top level run in parallel.

(Toplevel patch) Macroize build_subdir, target_subdir determination

--enable-maintainer-mode for toplevel

.code16: fake: relocation truncated to fit: 16 data

[ Re: _bfd_dwarf2_find_nearest_line returns wrong filename]

[ELF] symbol sets handling [2]

[Fwd: [rfa] `struct _bfd' -> `struct bfd']

[mips patch rfa] reorg mips option numbers.

[ob] Regenerate src/configure with 000227

Re: [parisc-linux] second sr0 patch

[PATCH/RFC] nm -u prints only sym names

[PATCH/RFC] NULL terminate mips dis options

[PATCH/RFC] Remove meaningless definitions

[PATCH] .symver x, x@foo

[PATCH] .symver x, x@foo (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] [ELF] symbol sets handling

[PATCH] add msp430 sub-device.

[Patch] add QNX Neutrino corefile support

[PATCH] avoid dropping one '|' when using parallel doublebar '||'

[PATCH] avoid premature errors when linking with relaxation

[PATCH] BFD handling of line number stabs outside of functions

[PATCH] bfd, ld and gas configure patches (kaOS)

[PATCH] check alternate machine codes when opening ELF core files

[PATCH] Cirrus EP9312 support, additional

[PATCH] clean up bfd documentation

[PATCH] clean up binutils documentation

[PATCH] clean up gas documentation

[PATCH] Clean up ld docs (part 1)

[PATCH] Clean up ld docs (part 2 of 3)

[PATCH] Clean up ld docs (part 3 of 3)

[PATCH] Commandline Support for the H8300 Simulator.

[Patch] config.sub support for QNX Neutrino

[PATCH] doc update of --size-sort in nm

[PATCH] Fix Alpha FAIL: bootstrap with --relax

[PATCH] fix indentation and long lines in bfd docs

[PATCH] Fix ld on x86-64, sparc64 and s390x

[PATCH] Fix objcopy compilation problems on HP-UX

[PATCH] Fix s390{,x} ld if there is just .rela.plt and not other .rela.* sections

[PATCH] Fix SEARCH_DIR statements on multi-abi arches

[PATCH] fix usage messages

[PATCH] Fix x86-64 disasm for MOVD with REX prefix

[PATCH] handle debug info for global register variables

[PATCH] handle stabs line numbers outside functions

[PATCH] Implement fcnv in objdump

[PATCH] Make debug info section relative on IA64

[PATCH] MIPS gas: Reallow branches to global file-internal labels

Re: [PATCH] MIPS gas: Reallow branches to global file-internallabels

[PATCH] msp430 linker template add new anchors

[PATCH] msp430 linker template add new anchors.

[PATCH] New targets for H8300H and H8300S Normal mode

Re: [patch] optional semicolon in version script

[PATCH] readelf needs to accept "-H" option

[PATCH] Relocation bug

[PATCH] resubmitted patch for kaOS config

[patch] small ia64/readelf addition

[PATCH] space register 0 changes for hppa

[PATCH] space register 0 changes for hppa - gas

[PATCH] state of top level config patch for kaOS ?

[PATCH] Support .file and .loc on s390{,x}

[PATCH] top level (kaOS)

[PATCH] version script grammar bug WRT 'extern' blocks

[PATCH]: windres and strings spanning more that one line

[PATHC] Add machine type for Cirrus EP9312 chip

[rfa] `struct _bfd' -> `struct bfd'

Re: _bfd_dwarf2_find_nearest_line returns wrong filename

adding extra target-specific objects to gas

address change

Re: ARM interworking with different linker sections

Attention Required

backend gc_sweep_hook simplification


bfd: GPL or LGPL?

Binutils failures on cygwin: what about .exe?

binutils getopt ....

bug in .eh_frame_hdr processing

Bug in dumper

change a "const int" in an ELF file

combreloc missing script support

Compile error Solaris

Confusing meaning of --no-undefined

copy_private_bfd_data: Do not merge segments whose LMAs do not overlap

Demangling C++ global initializers and destructors

Dwarf 2 section flags ?

Re: DWARF 2 sections and padding ?

dwarf3 information questions.

elf32-m68k.c cleanup


Fazla para

fix ppc64 hash table use

Fix SH TLS support

Fix warning

fix weak sym breakage on ppc64

GAS test generator and Maverick assembler tests

gas/cris/rd-dw2-1.d: Adjust for dwarf2 directory table change

Getting rid of interrupt vector table for AVR bootloader

GNU as problem for aix4.3

got relocs

how to add segment at address 0?

how to disassembling redboot file

how to obtain output with debug information in dwarf3 format

ia64 ltoff22x/ldxmov relaxation

ICE in gcc 3.4 20030203 sparc-linux: bfd/linker.c:2738: internal compiler error: output_operand: invalid expression as operand

Joint Venture (urgent response needed)

ld taking ~37 minutes to link file

ld doesn't relocate sysroot if called as tooldir/bin/ld

ld.texinfo errors

LD: C++ Exceptions and Version Scripts

ldemul options

Re: The Linux binutils is rleased

Re: MAC instructions on H8300S [H8S/2600]


Many "make check failures"

Re: Merging from DejaGNU CVS to

minor tidy of elf64-ppc.c

MIPS ELF ld -Ur fails using binutils

MIPS empic failures?

MIPS patch to avoid lazy binding in la macros

MIPS patch to fix explicit reloc abort

multi-string RCDATA declarations in windres

RE: New targets to Binutils for H8 series

no-warn-mismatch on different arm-linux-ld

objdump, 64-bit objects and Solaris kernel modules

Re: On resolving the MIPS gas branch reloc issue

PA64 (HPUX 11.00) ld bug with -static

Patch ping

Patch to extend explicit reloc support in MIPS gas (part 2)

Patch to fix recent MIPS gas reloc breakage

Patch to fix regenerating libiberty/

Re: PATCH: allow PE executables to have an export table

Re: PATCH[libiberty] for Re: Mainline: C++ include files not found!

patches from Tensilica

please call me

Re: Please report this bug.

Possible bug in gas/frags.c

Re: powerpc TLS support

powerpc TSL support

Re: PowerPC64 TLS ABI

PPC E500 chip -- what are the -m switches supposed to be?

ppc64 tls support

ppc64 tweaks

prelink two step

Problems with the 2003-01-23 patch (was Re: [PATCH] Fix s390 as)

problems with version script

Query on dwarf1 format of debugging information

question about alignment for debug sections

R_EMB_PPC_SDA21 (powerpc reloc) question

R_PPC_REL24 relocation in shared libraries

Regarding dlopen in Solaris

Re: Relocation bug

Results for 3.4 20030207 (experimental) testsuite on i686-pc-cygwin

Results for binutils 2.13.90 20030202 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for binutils 2.13.90 20030202 testsuite on sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for binutils 2.13.90 20030206 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for binutils 2.13.90 20030206 testsuite on sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for binutils 2.13.90 20030212 testsuite on sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu

rs6000:6000 versus powerpc:commom

Sign extension bug in .eh_frame_hdr processing

snapshots on

static lib drops objects with side-effects

Status kaOS Patch ?

STT_SECTION STB_LOCAL syms in .dynsym section for non-SHF_ALLOC sections

Stub group default for hppa elf

Sysroot tweak for non-Linux hosts

tagging elf32-ppc objects for FP, AltiVec.


TEXTREL's in on debian ppc sid


Toplevel cleanup 2/n

Toplevel cleanup 3/n

Toplevel cleanup 4/n

Toplevel cleanup 5/n

Toplevel cleanup 6/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 1/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 3/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 4/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 5/n

Re:Transfer Proposal.

un-installing binutils-2.10

Unify --with-sysroot defaults

update config.sub

Re: Using the INCLUDE linker script command

Versioned symbol linking bug

vxWorks-style symbol table extraction.

Wall Patch & Repair Tape

west nile virus has nothing on the anna kournikova virus

wrong reloc sizes

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