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--gc-sections and -r incompatibility

.file/.loc for m68k targets

.hidden for _ZTS.*? (was Re: RFC: .gnu.linkonce.* and shared libraries)


2.11.2 PATCH: Fix gas to allow GCC 3.0 to bootstrap on mips-sgi-irix5.3


Re: =?cn-big5?b?pl6rSKFH?= Re: No STABS debug information for MIPS assembly

[ Treemap Visualization for profiling output]

[MIPS PATCH] sort and c.le.s back into the correct order

Re: [MIPS PATCH] sort and c.le.s back into the correctorder

[obvious patch] spelling error in comment.

[obvious patch] undo bad chg togas/testsuite/gas/mips/lif-empic.d

[PATCH RFA] tweak handling of "#..." at end of testsuite files.

[patch] *-dis.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] *-dis.c: Fix formatting. (2nd set)

[PATCH] basename buffer gets spammed in `ld'

[PATCH] bfd_get_sign_extend_vma

[PATCH] COFF symbol merging fix

[Patch] Correct documentation of --stack option for i386-PE

[patch] d?0v-dis.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] don't output dead COFF section symbols

[PATCH] don't return zero too early in elf_sort_sections

[PATCH] fix for a problem with

[PATCH] Fix MIPS disassembler's register names output

[PATCH] Fix place_orphan

Re: [PATCH] gas miscompiles Power clf instruction

[PATCH] HP-UX specific target vector for IA64

[patch] i386-dis.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] MIPS gas: Allow simultan use of -mpu amd -mipsX again

Re: [PATCH] MIPS gas: Allow simultan use of -mpu amd -mipsXagain

[patch] objdump architecture list

Re: [PATCH] Reserve a few .dynamic entries (take 2)

[patch] s390-dis.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] some small z8k fixes

[PATCH] Support display of debug_macinfo in readelf.

Re: [PATCH] Support DWARF 2.1 extensions in readelf

[patch] tc-*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[PATCH]: Add ffs to libiberty

[Patch]: Fastcall support

[Patch]: Fastcall support for CygWin and MinGW, 2nd try

[PATCH]: Fix pb in gas 68hc11 with bsr/bra

[PATCH]: More ELF32 support on IA64

Re: [PATCH]: Support DWARF 2.1 tags, encodings, languages, in readelf

[patch][rfa]: gas/app.c -- Add parallel insn separator capability

[patch][rfa]: objdump.c -- SKIP_ZEROES, SKIP_ZEROES_AT_END

[RFA] pei386 dll: auto-import patch

[RFA] Provide cgen_disn and cgen_fields in disassemble_info

[RFC]: Improvement in binutils man page generation

[Translation Project Robot <translation@IRO.UMontreal.CA>] New Turkish PO file for `opcodes'


Re: `binutils-2_11_2' tag is missing from the repo

addr2line seems slow

ADMINISTRIVIA: size limit for binutils mailing list messages?

Aligment of data in .text and .data section (Intel/Linux)

Alignment of .sections

Allow current CVS libbfd to build with cc on Tru64 UNIX V5.1

Alpha assembler problem (macro requires $at register)

arm assembly syntax incompatible

ATTENTION! Well-Paid Job in the Internet!

AW: ld --auto-import for cygwin and libtool

AW: Problems with generating kde2 dlls under cygwin

bfd/linker.c patch for ia64-linux Fortran common link error

bfd/peicode.h: Handle binaries produced by the latest M$oft compilers

bfd/syms.c patch for ia64-linux readelf -s testsuite failure

binutils 2.11-CVS won't link GCC 3.0-snap's on Red Hat

Re: binutils 2.11.2 sh-coff asserts building gcc 3.0-cvs

Binutils mailing lists updated

binutils testsuite patch


Branch instruction(b/bl) for ARM

Branch instructions(b/bl) for ARM

Re: bug in avr-as [redux] ?

bug mailing list name change

Re: bug when upgrading bnu210->bnu211 ?

Bug: Wrong architecture with elf32-sh

buggy entry point while making dll

Re: buglet in binutils/debug.c

a bunch of MIPS GAS testsuite failures.

Re: Cannot build latest snapshot in maintainer-mode

cgen/gas: some support for funny-endian instruction sets

Change to objcopy.c without ChangeLog entries

Changes To Fixup Saving, Restoring and Swapping

Re: Commited patch for elf*-sparc.c (was binutils: "unexpected reloc type 0x17" on sparc)

config.guess updates

Cross Compiler have a problems?

Dejagnu maintenance

Does GNU ld work on Alpha OSF1?

Does mips gas support dwarf2?

don't use strlen (input_line_pointer)

Error Given for Missing Symbol Name

Fix disassemble of 64 bit jumps on x86-64

Fix for s390_elf_cons.

gas jmp problems

gas/config/tc-ia64.c patch for ehopt gas testsuite failure

gas/config/tc-ia64.c patch for two ia64-linux gas testsuite failures

getting actual function sizes from NM

gprof is very slow (>100x worse than "before")

Hello, your friend recommended openxxx to you

Help with arm-elf-ld and the AT directive

How should the GNU linker treat weak references?

How to generate diffs on binary file from CVS?

Re: HPPA elf64 binutils problem

i386 ld --gc-sections and few minor problems with objdump --disassemble-all -m i8086

Re: ld --auto-import for cygwin and libtool

ld / gas support for i386-netbsdelf

ld fails in current cvs when linking for powerpc-eabi

ld problems on win32

libiberty reports: "undefined reference to dlopen"

Re: libibery regex

local sym evaluation

m88k documentation

Re: Maintainer mode and NLS requires srcdir = objdir?

Make NOCROSSREFS work for section symbols

Memory leak in flex-2.5.4a

Microchip PIC?

Minor clean-up to gas's mips.exp

Minor tidy in tc-hppa.c

Minor tweaks in gas/config/

Re: The mips gas is broken

Re: mips gas is horribly broken

MIPS gas testsuite now XPASSes 'MIPS16 reloc 2'?

More problems with MIPS gas relocations

New binutils breaks program

Re: New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390

New Hook In Gas

New MIPS maintainer

No STABS debug information for MIPS assembly

objdump: i386 nasm-like output

opcodes/ arch_name vs printable_name

opcodes/ patch

Pairing of GLIBC and GCC Versions

patch for arm disassembler

patch for DWARF support on powerpc-eabi

Patch to add -mfp32 support to MIPS gas

Patch to handle ehopt0.s testcase

PATCH: Adjust xfail for binutils-all/windres/windres.exp

PATCH: Cleanup mips gas

PATCH: Disable libgcj and gprof on Linux/mips

PATCH: Don't turn undefined symbols into local.

PATCH: Fix binutils/doc/

PATCH: fix brokeness for cygwin

PATCH: Fix elf64-alpha

PATCH: Fix gas/mips/lb-xgot-ilocks.d

PATCH: Fix ld-selective/selective.exp

PATCH: Fix parallel build in bfd

Re: PATCH: gas .incbin pseudo-op

PATCH: ld-selective/selective.exp

PATCH: ld/testsuite/ld-cdtest to handle g++ 3.0 and beyond

PATCH: ld/testsuite/ld-selective to handle g++ V3 ABI

PATCH: ld/testsuite/ld-srec to handle g++ 3.0 and beyond

Re: Patch: mips gas reorg

PATCH: More mips3264 support

patch: new windres testsuite

Patch: objdump.c

PATCH: Support more MIPS in elf32-mips.c.

podlators 1.10 released

Possible ARM binutils/gcc errors...

powerpc64-linux support

Problems with generating kde2 dlls under cygwin

Processor Emulator

read.c obvious fix

readelf.1 manpage on binutils-2_11-branch

reloc overflow?

RFC: .gnu.linkonce.* and shared libraries

RFC: ELF prelinker - 0.1.1

S390 gas has two declarations for TC_FORCE_RELOCATION

S_GET_VALUE now adds in fr_address


Some configures in /cvs/src needs regeneration with autoconf

ssnop for mips

Static binary, .so plugins that are static too - can it be done

take 2: cgen/gas: some support for funny-endian instruction sets

Re: Target Processor Zilog Z380

tc-ppc.c formatting fixes

Tcl8.3 upgrade, Expect patch.

Te informamos

Re: traditional mips vs. little endian?

Translation Project Support for gdb (Re: New member of the Dutch team)

Re: Unwind support for elf32 on IA64

Using COFF on cygwin target

Virus Alert

Warning for Multiple .psize Directives

warning message standardization in gas/


Why run the windres test on Linux?

Why was the binutil cvs mailing list archive removed?

windres bug + fix

windres bug.

RE: windres language problem

x86 gas regression?

The x86 gas seems broken.

{patch] windres


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