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Re: [review v2] wcsrtombs: Do not call wcsnlen on input with wrong length [BZ #23711]

On 2019-10-30 11:54 a.m., Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> Anyway, it is strange because gerrit should have sent a "new change"
> notification when you edited the commit message.  Instead, it just sent
> a "comment" notification.
> If you go the web interface, you can see that the difference between v1
> and v2 is exactly the commit message.  Something else that might have
> happened is gerrit not sending a "new change" notification when just the
> commit message is edited (although I find this unlikely).

I suppose if he did the operations in this order:

1. Edit the commit message (which creates v2)
2. Make the change ready for review

Then when v2 is created, the change is still WIP, so no notification is sent.

Then, step #2 is akin to leaving a global comment on the change, which doesn't
include the full diff (because presumably the full diff would have been sent

I think we need to check if there's the possibility of generating a notification
with the full diff when the wip -> ready state transition happens.


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