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Re: [review v2] wcsrtombs: Do not call wcsnlen on input with wrong length [BZ #23711]

On 2019-10-30 6:36 a.m., Florian Weimer wrote:
> That is not right because the patch is missing from the email
> notification. 8-(
> I submitted the patch as a WIP, to see what it would look like in
> Gerrit.  I think this staging is quite useful as a feature.
> The manual says this:
> | Alternatively, click Ready from the Change screen.
> <>
> But I do not see this button.  I clicked “Start Review” instead,
> resulting in the notification above and a spurious v2 being created.

See the paragraph just below in the doc, which starts with "In the new
PolyGerrit UI".  The PolyGerrit UI is the newer UI that we use.  I suppose
they should change those sentences, because the old UI isn't available
in Gerrit 3 (which this doc targets).

I filed this bug:

> (Or maybe that happened because I edited the commit message in Gerrit?)

Indeed, the v2 is because you have updated the commit message in Gerrit, we
can see the diff between v1 and v2 here:

Editing the commit message directly on Gerrit is the same as if you'd edit
it locally and pushed the patch again, it creates a new version of the patch.


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