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Re: [review v2] wcsrtombs: Do not call wcsnlen on input with wrong length [BZ #23711]

On Wednesday, October 30 2019, Simon Marchi wrote:

> On 2019-10-30 11:54 a.m., Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
>> Anyway, it is strange because gerrit should have sent a "new change"
>> notification when you edited the commit message.  Instead, it just sent
>> a "comment" notification.
>> If you go the web interface, you can see that the difference between v1
>> and v2 is exactly the commit message.  Something else that might have
>> happened is gerrit not sending a "new change" notification when just the
>> commit message is edited (although I find this unlikely).
> I suppose if he did the operations in this order:
> 1. Edit the commit message (which creates v2)
> 2. Make the change ready for review
> Then when v2 is created, the change is still WIP, so no notification is sent.

Ah, you're right, it seems that he did it in this order indeed.

> Then, step #2 is akin to leaving a global comment on the change, which doesn't
> include the full diff (because presumably the full diff would have been sent
> before).


> I think we need to check if there's the possibility of generating a notification
> with the full diff when the wip -> ready state transition happens.

I think this is related:

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