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Re: [review v2] wcsrtombs: Do not call wcsnlen on input with wrong length [BZ #23711]

On Wednesday, October 30 2019, Florian Weimer wrote:

> * Florian Weimer:
>> Florian Weimer has posted comments on this change.
>> Change URL:
>> ......................................................................
>> Patch Set 2:
>> This change is ready for review.
> That is not right because the patch is missing from the email
> notification. 8-(
> I submitted the patch as a WIP, to see what it would look like in
> Gerrit.  I think this staging is quite useful as a feature.
> The manual says this:
> | Alternatively, click Ready from the Change screen.
> <>
> But I do not see this button.  I clicked “Start Review” instead,
> resulting in the notification above and a spurious v2 being created.
> (Or maybe that happened because I edited the commit message in Gerrit?)

Hm, indeed, maybe the documentation is outdated.  I am also seeing a
"Start Review" button here.

I thought it could be something related to lack of permissions, so I did
a small adjustment and add the necessary permission to the access list,
but I still don't see a "Ready" button.

I wonder what would happen if you'd done a:

  git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master%ready

as the documentation says...  I'll submit a patch for review soon, and
I'll give this a try.

Anyway, it is strange because gerrit should have sent a "new change"
notification when you edited the commit message.  Instead, it just sent
a "comment" notification.

If you go the web interface, you can see that the difference between v1
and v2 is exactly the commit message.  Something else that might have
happened is gerrit not sending a "new change" notification when just the
commit message is edited (although I find this unlikely).

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