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Re: configuring /var/run with newer autoconf

On 04/12/2016 10:41 AM, Åukasz Stelmach wrote:

Are you trying to automount /var itself, or is /var a directory
monitored by the automounter?

I don't exactly understand the alternative. Let me try to describe what
happens in my system.

I've got a root fs. There is the /var directory. It is empty. There is

     LABEL=var    /var    ext4    defaults,noatime,x-systemd.automount    0 2

line in my fstab. x-systemd.automount tells systemd to mount autofs
under /var, start monitoring it for requests and mount the real ext4
file-system when a request comes.

The traditional use of an automounter is that you have a file system directory, such as /mnt, which contains several remote file systems, and each one is mounted on demand once you access the path.

Instead, you seem to be using the automounter to mount just a single directory.

May I ask what is the reason for delayed mounting of /var?

The pathname is part of the ABI, so we
can't really change it for existing architectures.

I am not sure this is actually true. What is a part of ABI (as far as I
understand it) is _PATH_VARRUN defined in sysdeps/generic/paths.h and
sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/paths.h. However, this isn't what nscd
uses. nscd has its own definitions in nscd/nscd-client.h and nscd/nscd.h
which apparently are not exported to /usr/include and are not supposed
to be used outside nscd. That means it should be possible to change the
the location wher nscd keeps its stuff without breaking ABI.

nscd is only the tip of the iceberg. Many NSS modules reference paths under /var (such as /var/db, /var/run, or /var/lib/sss).


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