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configuring /var/run with newer autoconf


TL;DR Is there a chance a patch requiring autconf 2.70 is going to be

I found myself in trouble because of a deadlock during boot (on
Linux). In short: the deadlock happens if I want to make /var
automountable because.

a) systemd controls controls automounts.

b) To mount a file-system systemd needs to know about the underlying
   block device.

c) udev tells systemd about devices available.

d) When udev starts it tries to make some queries via NSS which means
   connecting to nscd (/var/run/nscd/socket, hardcoded in nscd-client.h)

Effect: I can't configure /var to be automounted.


a) Compile glibc without nscd support. This works for me, now.

b) Make the path configurable so Linux systems, especially those
   controlled by systemd which requires /var/run to be a symlink
   pointing to /run which is mounted by systemd as tmpfs, can use /run
   instead of /var/run.

Sollution b) should be quite simple to implement. However, there is one
condition: use autoconf 2.70 which introduces runstatedir variable. I'd
like to prepare the patch but I need to know if there is a chance it is
going to be accepted if it introduces such dependency?

Kind regards,
Åukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics

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