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Re: cygwin potentially corrupting permissions?

Greetings, Linda Walsh!

> Andrey Repin wrote: 
>> Your system seems to be mangled. There should be no "root" user.
>> Also, please avoid top posting as per list rules.
> ----
>         You are missing one?  Don't tell me, you have
> Administrator instead?

No, I have my own account, that's quite enough.

> Maybe that's why you see Greg's messages as top-posted, where
> as I saw him as interleaving his response w/what I said? ;-)

>         If you have Win7-Pro or above, you can rename Admin
> and Guest accounts --

You can rename them in NT4, too. Just sayin'.

> which is recommended for security reasons.

Obscurity has no relation to security.
Oh, and these both are disabled on my systems.

> If you read windows 'rules', you'd know that... (so many rules
> to read...really hard for someone to keep up)...

There's no such rules as "rename default accounts".
It makes no sense and bears no reason.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, September 25, 2015 04:43:28

Sorry for my terrible english...

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