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Re: cygwin potentially corrupting permissions?

Greetings, Greg Freemyer!

> We seem to travel the same mailing lists.  This is my first time to cygwin's.

> I saved your script as "lsacl.txt".  Then I used "cp lsacl.txt it" to
> make a copy.

> The copy is permission denied for reading.  Basic ls -l shows no
> difference (as expected)

> $ ls -l it
> ----rwx---+ 1 gaf None 1630 Sep 24 12:05 it
> ----rwx---+ 1 gaf None 1630 Sep 24 12:00

Notice the "+" at the end of basic POSIX access bits.
And use getfacl (or native icacl(s)) to view real permissions.

> But your script does show a difference:

> $ ./ it
> [u::---,g::---,g:root:rwx,g:Authenticated Users:rwx,g:SYSTEM:rwx,g:Users:r-x,m:rwx,o:---/]
> [u::---,g::r-x,g:root:rwx,g:Authenticated Users:rwx,g:SYSTEM:rwx,g:Users:r-x,m:rwx,o:---/] it

> My user id is "gaf".

> fyi: I thought I knew how to read an ACL, but the above makes little
> sense to me.  Note I can cat out "", but I can't cat out "it".

Your system seems to be mangled. There should be no "root" user.

Also, please avoid top posting as per list rules.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, September 24, 2015 21:35:24

Sorry for my terrible english...

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