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cygwin potentially corrupting permissions?


I've noticed on 2 different machines that if I copy (cp) a file I can
read with cygwin, I don't have permission to read the copy.

I don't recall that happening in that past.  If this was Linux I would
feel comfortable looking at umask, etc. to figure out what is going
on.  With cygwin I'm at a loss.

If someone can tell me what I have configured wrong, I'd really appreciate it.

fyi: I have a very vanilla install of cygwin on both machines.  I've
been using cygwin for many years and never noticed this before.  It
maybe an issue unique to Excel.

Here's a scenario I just went through:

1) Use Excel (2010 or 2013) to create a simple 2 column, 3 row table
and use "Save As" to save it as a CSV file name "Book1.csv"

2) verify it can be read via cygwin

$ cat Book1.csv

3) use cp to make a copy

cp Book1.csv fail.csv

4) try to read the copy and fail
$ cat fail.csv
cat: fail.csv: Permission denied

5) Verify the owner / UID / perms are the same

$ ls -l Book1.csv fail.csv
----rwx---+ 1 GAF None 25 Sep 23 18:45 Book1.csv
----rwx---+ 1 GAF None 25 Sep 23 18:46 fail.csv

$ ls -ln Book1.csv fail.csv
----rwx---+ 1 1006 513 25 Sep 23 18:45 Book1.csv
----rwx---+ 1 1006 513 25 Sep 23 18:46 fail.csv

They are, but there are extended attributes hiding behind the + sign.

6) Force the permissions and test again
$ chmod +rw fail.csv

$ cat fail.csv


Greg Freemyer

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