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Re: gcc 3.3.1-3, loading .la files from gcj-compiled apps

Robert Collins wrote:
On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 12:11, Charles Wilson wrote:

GVV went one better, and re-activated the LoadLibrary stuff, with cygwin compatibility code, as a FALLBACK option if-and-only-if dlopen on cygwin fails. THAT is what got committed to libtool CVS HEAD, and it's Gary's contribution, not mine.

Now, whether this fixes your problem or just makes it worse, I don't know.

I suspect it'll make it worse, as it may well interfere with fork().

Hmm. I wonder if "The Right Thing To Do" is to ensure that libjava's version of ltdl.c is uptodate -- that is, taken from libtool-1.5 and not 1.4.x, and then rebuild libjava, the modules, etc.

Or rebuild libjava so that it uses the system-installed version of cygltdl-3.dll and not a self-compiled one.

Then, we'll at LEAST know that everything is speaking the same dlopen language.

Plus, can somebody do an strace on the program that fails to load the .la files? And make sure that dlopen & friends ARE in fact being called, as they should be on the cygwin platform? (That is, instead of asking for LoadLibrary workarounds, let's make sure that we're actually using -- and that the modules themselves are expecting -- the cygwin-provided, fork()-friendly dlopen stuff).


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