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Re: gcc 3.3.1-3, loading .la files from gcj-compiled apps

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus G Daniels <> writes:

Marcus> Would it be possible to add a -D_WIN32 to the libjava/libltdl
Marcus> Makefile for Cygwin?

It looks like it would be a bit more in line with existing code to
just add it to libltdl/ltdl.h.

Could you look at how the upstream libltdl handles it?  We
occasionally talk about importing a new version, I wonder if that
would fix this for you.

Marcus> Also, I found I had to duplicate the stack copy of `buf' in
Marcus> java::lang::Runtime:_load in order to avoid it getting wiped
Marcus> out from the the exception getting caught.

Could you be more explicit about this?  Catching an exception
shouldn't trash this array... if it does, doesn't that mean there is a
bug somewhere else?

The ltdl.c patch looks ok-ish, provided (as you noted) it is cleaned
up to be cygwin specific.  Again, ideally we'd do this via the
upstream libltdl.


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