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Re: gcc 3.3.1-3, loading .la files from gcj-compiled apps

Marcus G. Daniels wrote:

As of yesterday, I believe Charles Wilson has convinced the libtool maintainers to install the needed patches. It uses dlopen if it can, and then falls back to LoadLibrary if that fails.

Actually, that change is all Gary V. Vaughan.

Here's the story: contrary to my post in this thread from two days ago, current cygwin libltdl DOES use dlopen exclusively. What confused me was that there is some compatibility code in the LoadLibrary section, which in the distant past was used by libltdl on cygwin.

(Thus, if gcj/your-package uses an older libtool/older libltdl, it is possible you created your loadable modules in old, LoadLibrary mode. But for the last year or so, and in official libtool-1.5, cygwin libtool has been dlopen-only.)

I submitted a patch which removed all of the (dead) LoadLibrary/cygwin compatibility stuff. Because it was not used at all, in current libtool/libltdl.

GVV went one better, and re-activated the LoadLibrary stuff, with cygwin compatibility code, as a FALLBACK option if-and-only-if dlopen on cygwin fails. THAT is what got committed to libtool CVS HEAD, and it's Gary's contribution, not mine.

Now, whether this fixes your problem or just makes it worse, I don't know.


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