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publican is a single source publishing tool based on DocBook XML.

How to get the source

Submitting Patches
To submit a patch, either add it to bug in Bugzilla, or send it to the official mailing list, or submit a request in Gerrit! Note that if you intend to make some changes, it is always a good idea to discuss them on the mailing list first to see what other people think.
The patch should consist of diff files that include:
  1. All changes to the source code, both scripts and modules.
  2. Appropriate tests that prove that your changes work as expected. The tests are located in the t/ directory.
  3. Related changes to the documentation in the source code itself. If you can, update the User Guide as well.
Publican has numerous components which require translation, to manage translations Publican uses Zanata an open source translation tool. If you wish to help translate Publican in to your language please join a translation team on Zanata and join in!
The translations projects are located at: Command Line Tool. Common Files Users’ Guide Fedora Brand Common Files

Tools Using Publican

Who is using Publican?
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