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New Features and Bugfixes in Publican 4.2

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This document describes the enhancements and fixes included in Publican 4.2.

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Publican 4.2 Release Notes

Add iframe video support to DocBook5 HTML5

Previously, Publican used the <embed> tag to insert video content into documents. However, some browers did not support video represented this way when the video was served from another site. Publican now uses an <iframe> to embed video in pages, which works for video linked from other sites as well as video that's local to the document. BZ#752021

Stop calculating column width if no width is set

Previously, Publican would automatically set a column width for tables if no column width was set. That is, without specific instructions from an author, Publican would specify columns of equal size. This prevented browsers from resizing columns to fit content. Publican now sets a column width only if specified by the author. BZ#1084860

Simply styling of code, and admonitions in HTML5

Previously, Publican used elaborate markup to denote code samples and admonition. These approaches have now been replaced by coloured bars at the side of the text, to create a less intrusive approach. BZ#1093498

Added tip formatting

Publican's common brand did not provide styles for the DocBook <tip> element. Now <tip> joins the other four element supported (<note>, <important>, and <warning>). BZ#1033830

Add "popper" to hide programlisting after 4 lines

Publican 4.2 includes a new feature to increase the usability of documentation that includes long <programlisting>s. The popper hides <programlisting>s after their first four lines, and provides the reader with a control to expand the rest of the listing if they want to read it. BZ#1088051

Fix white space being removed from msgids when merging

Previously, Publican ignored leading whitespace in msgids when merging translations. Therefore, although the msgid was a correct representation of the XML, Publican would not replace the corresponding XML content with the msgstr. Publican now merges translated content with leading whitespace correctly. BZ#1097090

Add code language switching

Publican 4.2 includes a new feature to increase the usability of documentation that includes parallel samples of code in multiple programming languages. Any <programlisting>s grouped together in an <informalexample role="switchery"> element are presented to the reader in a single display area with tabs to switch between the various languages. BZ#1092351

Fix CDATA support

Previously, Publican did not ensure that CDATA was never escaped or resolved. For example, entities in CDATA were resolved when creating POT files. CDATA is now preserved throughout all code paths in Publican. BZ#1101050

Add --showfuzzy to build options

Publican 4.2 includes a new feature to assist in proof-reading documents in incomplete translations. Previously, Publican would never use strings marked fuzzy when bulding a translated document. However, such strings might differ only slightly from a recent translation and still allow a translator to read a string in context. Adding the --showfuzzy option to a publican build command incorporates fuzzy strings tothether with completed translations.

Move PO manipulation to Locale::PO

Publican now uses the Locale::PO module to perform manipulations on PO files, rather than handling these itself.

Fix inline "\n" not working in POT files for verbatim text

Previously, when the characters "\n" occurred in verbatim text, Publican would not escape them when incorporating them into msgids for POT files. This difference in msgid precluded accurate translation. The "\n" characters are now properly escaped. BZ#1097091

Fix images for DocBook 4 website callouts

Callouts for code samples in DocBook 4 content have not worked in recent versions of Publican, displaying broken images instead. Publican 4.2 corrects the path to the brand assets, and adds CSS to make the icon visible. BZ#1112899

Remove newline after CDATA

Previously, any CDATA in a docunment would be followed by a newline. This behaviour is corected in Publican 4.2.BZ#1110611

Add Markdown output

Publican 4.2 provides a new output format: Markdown. Specify this format the same way as any other; with the --formats option when building a book. BZ#1120455

Add external link support

Publican 4.2 supports arbitrary links to be displayed alongside links to documents on the splash pages of a Publican-driven documentation site. Specify these links in the en-US/External_Links.xml file of a splash page package, in the format:

  <member role="10" title="The Ways And Means Of Pants" href="" version="6">Pants in all thier glory!</member>


Add <th> to translation block list

Previously, Publican omitted the HTML table element <th> from being processed into msgids in PO files, precluding the translation of the contents of these elements. Now Publican makes the contents of these elements available for translation.BZ#1127462

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