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Re: FC6 kernel lockups?

Mark Wielaard wrote:

Is anyone else testing on FC6. I seem to still get the occasional lockup
even with the latest kernel when running our test suite. This is with
kernel 2.6.17-1.2564 on a x86 system. It looks to be happening in
testTaskBlockExec (frysk.proc.TestExec), but since the machine locks up
solid it is hard to tell. Anyone else seeing that?

Also something changed in libvte-java, someone renamed a method from the
obviously wrongly spelled 'setBackGroud' to 'setBackGround'. We were
using the misspelled method. I don't see how to easily make this work,
except with some configure voodoo, on both FC5 and FC6 for now since the
old method was just removed.



So i've this straight, FC-5 has setBackGroud; and FC-6 has setBackGround? So either FC-5 should get the "correct" method added, or FC-6 get a backward compatible method added? I suspect the former (tweak FC-5) moves us forward more. Was there a bug?

Stepan, can this be fixed?


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