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Re: FC6 kernel lockups?

Andrew Cagney mumbled something on 08/15/2006 10:52 AM:
> Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is anyone else testing on FC6. I seem to still get the occasional lockup
>> even with the latest kernel when running our test suite. This is with
>> kernel 2.6.17-1.2564 on a x86 system. It looks to be happening in
>> testTaskBlockExec (frysk.proc.TestExec), but since the machine locks up
>> solid it is hard to tell. Anyone else seeing that?
> Guess not :-/ didn't like my text/html reply to that...
> Why not <<yum update>> towns.toronto (1) and then run:
>   ./TestRunner -r 1000 frysk.proc.TestExec
> on that (and your machine) to see what happens (I think phil is done
> with the machine).  From last time, it may not be that test, just that
> that was the last flushed output :-(
> Chris, you've a dedicated machine right?  Can you set up and try
> similar?  Something to just repeatedly run the frysk tests.

It's not a dedicated machine, it's my main devel machine.  But I stuff
the latest fc6 kernel into it every afternoon, along with the latest cvs
frysk, and let them have a go at each other.

> Andrew
> (1) On second thoughts, perhaps don't, my last two yum-update attempts
> on towns appear to have hung :-/

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