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Re: Weird directories on Windows share when using rm to delete a directory


> Thanks for your help. ?This problem should be fixed now in CVS.
> I switched off the entire mechanism which tries to resolve sharing
> violations for netapp drives.
> What happens is this:
> The netapp drive is thoroughly confused when trying to move-and-delete
> a file or directory using a single handle. ?In case of directories it
> moves the directories and the subsequent delete call returns success
> without actually having succeeded. ?In case of files, renaming the file
> fails with "sharing violation" and the subsequent call for deletion
> fails with "file has been moved" (I guess you see the confusion here).
> Above all, when trying to remove a directory tree, after all files in a
> directory have been removed, opening the directory with only the
> FILE_SHARE_DELETE sharing flag set fails with a ... sharing violation.
> Corinna


Thanks very much for the awesome and speedy response to this issue.
This will help keep me sane for a little while longer :-)



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