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Re: Weird directories on Windows share when using rm to delete a directory


> So, IIUC, youre'saying that the directories get renamed to this
> temporary name, but they never disappear after rm -rf? ?Are you
> sure that no other process is accessing them?
> Does Cygwin recognize the drive as netapp if you add a mount point for
> it? ?How to check: ?If the drive has been mounted with a drive letter,
> say X:, what does `mount' print as drive type of /cygdrive/x? ?Or, if
> the drive is used via UNC path, just mount it temporarily like this:
> $ mount -f //server/share /mnt
> And see what a `mount' command prints for the .mnt mount point:
> $ mount
> Corinna

I'm pretty sure there are no other processes accessing the files.

$ mount
Y: on /cygdrive/y type netapp (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)

So, yes, it does see it as a netapp. Now, from my horrible memory, it
_seems_ like this started happening when we upgraded to Cygwin 1.7
from Cygwin 1.5. I don't know that for sure though, it just _seems_
that that is what happened.



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