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Re: Weird directories on Windows share when using rm to delete a directory

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 2:28 PM, Eric Blake <> wrote:
> On 07/01/2010 03:24 PM, Slide wrote:
>> I am seeing a VERY odd problem. If I run "/usr/bin/rm -rf
>> //computer/share/path/to/dir" to remove a directory on a network
>> share. I get some directories created with names like
>> .XXXfffff8a0015e3b00c65f07a9f20c7a31 at the ROOT of the share (where
>> XXX is unprintable character with the value 0x3f). I ran the command
>> with strace, but didn't see anything in there that would point to why
>> the directory is created.
>> If I run the corresponding Windows command "rmdir /s /q
>> \\computer\share\path\to\dir" I do NOT see the same thing occur, so
>> something in Cygwin is causing this issue. I am running Cygwin 1.7
>> updated today.
> This is due to cygwin emulating the ability to delete a file that is
> still open. ?Since windows doesn't directly allow it, cygwin instead
> renames it out of the way, and relies on windows delete-on-close
> semantics to get rid of that temporary name after everything finally
> lets go of the file. ?But if the delete-on-close stuff isn't working for
> your particular network share, we'd need a few more details about your
> share to allow us to work around the issue (probably by refusing to
> attempt deleting an open file, if your share doesn't have any better
> semantics available).

What sort of information would you need for the share? I believe it is
actually a Linux box running Samba for the share. I would have to
double check with my IT department on that. I should be able to get
any information needed about the share to help workaround the issue.




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