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Re: Cygwin ans screen

Andrew Schulman wrote:
> and it will mostly work.  You get a multiplexed screen.  But when you
> detach a session most of the time you can't reattach to it, even
> though the processes live on so you have to kill them by hand.  There
> were some other minor problems that I forget right now.

The behavior I see is:
	1) start screen in xterm #1 then detach
	2) try to reattach in xterm #1 fails
	3) reattach with xterm #2 works
	4) try to reattach in xterm #1 still fails
or in general, the first terminal that tries to reattach to a running
screen session is forever locked out, but all subsequent terminals
will succeed.

> screen is an extremely useful program, and I wish someone could solve > the Cygwin problems with it. Many people have tried over the years.
> I'd be happy to package it for Cygwin if someone could get it working.

I would think that packaging it a with few minor bugs is better than
waiting, ie. more likely to spur/inspire someone with the skills to
look more deeply.

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