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bash filename completion character bug

Cygwin version 1.5.20-1 (from setup.exe)
Bash version 3.1.17(6)-release (--version)

(All the latest according to setup.exe)

Windows XP Pro SP2

When I do filename completion with TAB I get an extra character on the

  ~$ ba[TAB]
  BA31INSTALL.LOG  basename.exe     bash.exe         bashdb
  banner.exe       basesrv.dll      bashbug          batmeter.dll
  ~$ baa

This seems to be purely a visual artefact, the actual characters in the
input buffer are still correct but all of the editing is then wrong (so
doing backspace twice in the above will leave the 'b' visible but not in
the input buffer).

This occurs on both WinXP-Pro-SP2 machines I use, but not apparently on my
Win2k-Pro-SP4 machine (same versions of bash and Cygwin, updated last

I can't see any references to this behaviour on this list or using
Google, has anyone else found it?  Other programs like bc(1) don't seem
to have the problem.

(Why am I not using zsh, which doesn't have this problem?  Good
question: historical reasons, last time I tried it zsh had problems
under Cygwin (this was quite a time ago) and I've never got round to
changing all my login scripts.  And bash is the standard...)

Chris C

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