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Re: Cygwin ans screen

On 7/19/06, Duane Krings <duanekrings> wrote:
Andrew Schulman wrote:
 > and it will mostly work.  You get a multiplexed screen.  But when you
 > detach a session most of the time you can't reattach to it, even
 > though the processes live on so you have to kill them by hand.  There
 > were some other minor problems that I forget right now.

The behavior I see is:
        1) start screen in xterm #1 then detach
        2) try to reattach in xterm #1 fails
        3) reattach with xterm #2 works
        4) try to reattach in xterm #1 still fails
or in general, the first terminal that tries to reattach to a running
screen session is forever locked out, but all subsequent terminals
will succeed.

Give Mark Edgar's patch[*] a try. With it applied, screen behaves better under Cygwin for me. Reattaching from the same terminal and multi-display mode both work. There are still some problems, however. Detaches sometimes get hung. Opening a new terminal and running 'screen -list' will cause the hung detach to complete most of the time.

[*] Mark Edgar's patch

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