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Re: Installing cygwin by manually copying c:\cygwin to another machine

On 1/16/06, Chris Taylor <> wrote:
> Adrian Maier wrote:
> > On 1/16/06, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <> wrote:
> >
> >>I think the key word there is "does not yet *support*".  Run setup
> >>--help from a command prompt, and setup will output a list of its
> >>command line options into setup.log.full.  Play with running it using
> >>them on a previously prepared local download directory, with
> >>non-default packages included either by changing setup.ini to add
> >>"Base" to their category or adding a dummy mirror directory with a
> >>setup.ini having a dummy package that has category Base and requires
> >>the other packages you want.
> >
> >
> > I see: this functionality is in development and therefore is well hidden
> > for the moment.   It's a shame that it's not clearly documented .
> >
> >
> > setup --help     displays  nothing for me
> > I suspect this is a cmd.exe or win2000   - related problem ,
> > because i have seen the same happening with other programs as well
> > (namely qemu).
> >
> >
> > Adrian Maier
> >
> Please re-read what Yitzchak said - it outputs the list of options into
> setup.log.full
> Just for emphasis, I'll say that again: *setup.log.full*
> Open that for the options.

Uh, you are right. Sorry guys,  I haven't read the entire phrase written by
Yitzchak ...  my fault.
It looks like I am too used to the idea of programs writing their messages
to stdin/stdout .

> In fact, it also puts them in setup.log
> The options you want are -L, -q, and -l, which are Install from local
> directory, quiet installation (unattended), and local package directory,
> respectively.

Adrian Maier

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