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Re: Installing cygwin by manually copying c:\cygwin to another machine

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 08:59:25PM -0500, Brett Serkez wrote:
> [snip]
> > Not particularly, assuming you use the same local package cache on
> > each machine, especially if you use the trick for pulling in all the
> > packages you want automatically.
> Right.
> > I don't know about chere,
> chere must have settings in the registry, as it adds a 'bash here' menu
> option in explorer when you right click on a directory.  You'd have to
> run 'chere -i' on the new system.
> > That means that setup, services like sshd, cron, inetd, etcetera will
> > be available for installation.
> Right, available for installation, you'd have to run the setup scripts.
> I suppose running ssh-host-config wouldn't be a bad idea, not only would
> it install the Windows sshd service on the new system, but it would
> generate unique host keys, otherwise both the new and old systems would
> have the same key.
> Sounds like this is doable, but there may be a series of commands that
> need to be run, depending on the original installation.

I'm not sure what this approach buys you over running setup.exe in
unattended install mode on a copied local package cache, except

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