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Re: Installing cygwin by manually copying c:\cygwin to another machine

> > Is it just the mount points that are the issue?  The path?  The
> > desktop icon?  It is possible to run setup against such an
> > 'installation' to update it?
> It's primarily just the mount points. See Corinna's message in this
> thread for recreating them.
> The desktop & start menu icons are obviously not going to be present
> with this method, but that's not really an issue. It should be noted
> that cygwin.bat has a full path in it, so this would need editing.
> Yes, you could run setup with this - it is, for all intents and
> purposes, the installation you made with setup on the other machine.
> Setup doesn't care that it's now on a different machine. None of what
> it does is machine-specific.

What about chere and services such as sshd and the like?

Seems to me there is a short list, having a documented method or even a
script to settle in a moved cygwin directory on a new system may be
useful.  I would presume this would be significantly faster than
reinstalling on multiple systems.

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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