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Re: Installing cygwin by manually copying c:\cygwin to another machine

> Not particularly, assuming you use the same local package cache on
> each machine, especially if you use the trick for pulling in all the
> packages you want automatically.


> I don't know about chere,

chere must have settings in the registry, as it adds a 'bash here' menu
option in explorer when you right click on a directory.  You'd have to
run 'chere -i' on the new system.

> That means that setup, services like sshd, cron, inetd, etcetera will
> be available for installation.

Right, available for installation, you'd have to run the setup scripts.
I suppose running ssh-host-config wouldn't be a bad idea, not only would
it install the Windows sshd service on the new system, but it would
generate unique host keys, otherwise both the new and old systems would
have the same key.

Sounds like this is doable, but there may be a series of commands that
need to be run, depending on the original installation.

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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