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Re: Any current plans for an SDL package?

Can you enumerate these libraries and give details about what's needed?
If are files that should be in, say a <package>-devel package rather than
just the source package, that is good feedback.

The only thing I found missing really are the libraries' header files.

One such library is libjpeg, which has no development package, and i believe there was some compression lib also.

While this sounds useful, I don't think it falls in the category of a Cygwin
package. Packages offered with setup depend on cygwin1.dll in some form. What you're describing above doesn't fit this mold. I think that's what Chris was trying to point out. This would be a good package for this list to know about even if it doesn't target Cygwin though.

That does not make much sense, as AFAIK 'mingw-zlib' does not use cygwin1.dll in any way.

Also by that definition the mingw libraries should not be availible via cygwin as they are not intended to be linked with cygwin1.dll

That said if you cannot allow annother non-cygwin package to sneak past i can certainly try to compile without the '-mno-cygwin' flag.

Remember that I am talking about SDL, SDL-mixer, and SDL-image, as most programs that use one use all 3 (but it would not be difficult to package them as 3 seperate packages)

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