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Re: Any current plans for an SDL package?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 08:24:50PM -0500, wrote:

I am wondering if anybody currently plans to create an SDL mingw32 binary package for cygwin. As it is currently hard to compile SDL, having this package, (and SDL-image and SLD-mixer, 2 other libs that are usually used with sdl, that may even be harder to compile) would be of help to many ppl. If nobody plans on creating such a package i may be able to, however i warn you now: i do not intend on become a cygwin package maintaner.

The mingw web page is at: .  If you are interested
in a mingw package, that is the place to look.

I belive I was misunderstood. I was asking about/offering to build a Cygwin SDL Binary package. I only mentioned mingw32 as that appears to be the way SDL is normally built under cygwin. AFAIK Mingw32 library binaries can be linked with cygwin binaries with little trouble so making the package be a mingw32 binary would be ideal. SDL is fairly hard to setup under Cygwin, especially as some libraries that cygwin comes with are needed by SDL, yet the headers are not availble for install via the setup program, you have to copy them over from the library sources by hand.

So to sum it up: A SDL Libray Binary package, probably compiled using mingw32, (actaully using cygwin's gcc with '-mno-cygwin'), intended for use under cygwin when compiling open source games.

I could also try to compile a Cygwin binary version of the library, but that would be at least slightly harder.

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