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Re: [Fwd: Re: perl test fails]

Rob Clack wrote:
> [...] 
> So there seems to be a couple of weensy buggettes there, though I'm not 
> suggesting anyone bother to fix them unless they happen to be working 
> there anyway.  They're not serious bugs, but they did obscure the real 
> problem and waste quite a lot of my and several other people's time.
> 1. chmod should surely change the permissions whatever the contents of 
> the file, and if it doesn't, it should issue a message.  Silent failure 
> is not very friendly.

If your on an NT variant all you have to do is set CYGWIN=ntsec (If you want
support for NT extended attributes you can add `ntea', too).  However, on
win9x the `ch*' family of calls retrun success (IIRC), as the underlying OS
does not support security in the way NT does.  I might be slightly wrong about
the win9x but, though it's documented in either the User's Guide of the FAQ.

You can then use `ch{mod,own,grp}' in the same way you would on Linux.

-- Elfyn

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