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Re: [Fwd: Re: perl test fails]

Rob Clack wrote:
> Well I thought maybe I'd better just try setting $CYGWIN, even though it 
> didn't seem relevant (I don't  have "..problems with NT shares or Samba 
> drives..", since the script reliably breaks when run from a local, 
> non-shared drive) and indeed, it made no difference.  Unless there's 
> some special way I should be setting it.  I just entered 
> CYGWIN=nosmbntsec at the dollar prompt.
> OK, so if I assume by the silence that -x is broken, can anyone suggest 
> how I can determine in a perl script whether or not a file is executable?

The `-x' operator WFM.  Does, say, this script fail for you (make sure perl
is *actually* executable) ?


  if (-x "/usr/bin/perl") {
    print "yupp, perl is executable.\n";
  } else {
    print "ut-oh! perl isn't executable.\n";

If you haven't already posted cygcheck[1] output, that might help, and also
post your script (I couldn't find it in my archives).  Sorry if you've
already done this.

-- Elfyn

[1] non-inline, plain-text attachment, as per <>

> ------------- hyphens to separate this from previous posts -------------
> Thank you Igor.  However, I've now read the entry on smbntsec and it
> doesn't seem relevant.  (Was a useful exercise in itself, since I didn't
> know about the CYGWIN env var either ;)) I don't have a problem on the
> Linux box, only on the NT one. And it doesn't matter whether I'm running
> the script from the networked drive or from the local hard drive, I only
> get the error under Cygwin.
> So far it keeps looking to me as though Cygwin is broken.
> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Rob Clack wrote:
> >
> >>Hmmm, don't see how it can have anything to do with the mapping of a
> >>networked drive, since the problem started on the NT4 box, at which time
> >>the scriptlet was located in /cygdrive/e/cygwin/rnc/try.
> >>
> >>Since I wanted to demonstrate that it worked on the Linux box (having
> >>tripped over that one originally!)  each time I hacked one copy of the
> >>script I then had to move to the other machine and duplicate the changes
> >>I'd just made.  Clearly this was error-prone, so it made sense to just
> >>use the copy on the Linux box.  On the NT4 it's accessible as
> >>/cygdrive/i/rnc/try.
> >
> >Rob,
> >
> >Well, it's usually a good idea to keep as many variables fixed as
> >possible.  By sharing the script, you've unknowingly introduced another
> >variable (that of SMB shares).  I'd suggest moving the script back to a
> >local directory, and simply copying it to the shared drive when you want
> >to try it on Linux.  That way you can reliably reproduce the problem on
> >the local drive.
> >
> >>And no, I've never heard of smbntsec.  What's it mean/do?
> >
> >See <>.  It's on by
> >default.  FYI, it may require very careful hand-maintenance of /etc/passwd
> >and /etc/group (in fact, I've ended up turning it off because the
> >maintenance effort wasn't worth it for me).  You might wish to add
> >"nosmbntsec" to your CYGWIN variable.
> >	Igor
> >>
> >>>At 09:36 AM 8/26/2003, Rob Clack you wrote:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>>Gerrit
> >>>>
> >>>>I've been away for a week, hence the delayed response.
> >>>>
> >>>>Thanks for this and clearly my scriptlet was broken.  I've now tried 
> >>>>both alternatives as suggested below.  Both work perfectly under Linux. 
> >>>>Neither works under NT4.
> >>>>
> >>>>Linux output:
> >>>>
> >>>>script is executable
> >>>>
> >>>>NT4 output:
> >>>>
> >>>>I damn well am!
> >>>>
> >>>>To eliminate error further, I'm now running just one copy of the 
> >>>>script, since the disk I use on my Linux box is mapped to the i: drive 
> >>>>on the NT4 box.
> >>>
> >>>Are you suggesting that you're using a mapped drive from your Linux box?
> >>>That may be the problem.  Do you have 'smbntsec' set in your CYGWIN
> >>>environment variable?

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