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Re: [Fwd: Re: perl test fails]

Thank you Elfyn and Jurgen. A few moment's thought would have reminded me that file permissions are handled differently on NT. ;)


Elfyn McBratney wrote:
Rob Clack wrote:

[...] So there seems to be a couple of weensy buggettes there, though I'm not suggesting anyone bother to fix them unless they happen to be working there anyway. They're not serious bugs, but they did obscure the real problem and waste quite a lot of my and several other people's time.

1. chmod should surely change the permissions whatever the contents of the file, and if it doesn't, it should issue a message. Silent failure is not very friendly.

If your on an NT variant all you have to do is set CYGWIN=ntsec (If you want
support for NT extended attributes you can add `ntea', too).  However, on
win9x the `ch*' family of calls retrun success (IIRC), as the underlying OS
does not support security in the way NT does.  I might be slightly wrong about
the win9x but, though it's documented in either the User's Guide of the FAQ.

You can then use `ch{mod,own,grp}' in the same way you would on Linux.

-- Elfyn

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