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Re: An apology...

> <<..I use one filter for each cygwin ml that I'm subscribed to and have no
> > problems with "manage"ing the flow..>>
> But that's horrendous - the whole internet will be peppered with even more
> unnecessary emails. I was horrified when my newreader suddenly filled up
> with every message from the mailing list. When I saw what was happening, I
> though that well-known phrase, "You can't be serious..."

That's exactly the case! I subscribed to those lists because I wanted those
e-mails filling up my inbox. It makes good referrence for me when I want to
refer back and also helps me sort out the odd issue before I go and ask on
the ml. Also it's good for me because I have a local copy of the archive so
I don't have to bother searching the archives straight away. However, I do
search the archives, and would still recommend it, as it helps keep some of
the well-known questions from being asked repeatidly.

> <<..Not everyone here uses a sparkly gui app (oex) so not everyone will
> > access to a news-reader..>>
> But if you've got win95 or Win98 you've got OEx. It's so easy. What you're
> telling me is there are people out there with electric windows and they
> won't use them because someone said it's sissy and it's better to stick
> head out of the sun roof. They can still drive, but it just makes life
> difficult.

That's pure presumption. And as Larry said, your the one saying that not me.
Your argument is that people should use newsgroups instead of ml's. You've
stated your reasons and as you'll see if you check the archives the
consensus was otherwise. If you want to use newsgroups that's your
prerogative, but forcing that on people who a) don't have access to them or
b) don't have access to a news-reader to access them would be even worse.

Very long-winded of me but...can't be bothered to ^H that now :-)


Elfyn McBratney

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