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Re: An apology...

> I posted an item on 17/02/03 (The Cygwin mailing lists are rather archaic
> and cumbersome aren't they...?), which looks as though it has been taken
> a criticism of people supporting this mailing list. It was not the
> so I apologise for any offence given. The phrase "support systems" was
> a comment about the computer systems.
> The delay in posting this has been caused by the difficulties I've had
> configuring Outlook Express to manage the mailing list, and with the GMANE
> site that I am using to translate between the OEx newsreader and the
> mailing list. This is the fourth attempt at posting.

I use one filter for each cygwin ml that I'm subscribed to and have no
problems with "manage"ing the flow.

> Just out of curiosity, why is a mailing list used when it seems far
> for users to connect to a newsgroup?

Not everyone here uses a sparkly gui app (oex) so not everyone will have
access to a news-reader. It is however, more likely that they will have
access to a mail-client, tho.


Elfyn McBratney

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