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Re: how to freeze a version of cygwin

Charles D. Russell wrote:
In order to ensure that I could reinstall a working cygwin version if
necessary, I have in the past used the "download from internet" option in
setup, then burned the installation files to a CD. However, it looks like
the same files are downloaded and retained if one selects "install from
internet". Is that correct? Can one reliably reinstall from only a CD copy
of the download directory generated by using "install from internet"?

Larry Hall wrote:

Depends on your definition of "reliable".

In short, this is an unsafe way to make a backup freeze?  If I want a safe
backup, I should continue to "download from internet" first?  What is your
recommended procedure for making a backup freeze of a partial installation?
As I said, "install from internet" does a "download from internet"
followed by an "install from local directory".  If you would like to
make a CD of exactly what you "install from internet", there is no
need to split up these steps and perform them manually, if that's what
you're asking.  Just "install from the internet" and then make a CD of
the local directory that gets created in the process.  However,
you can not use "install from internet" as a later time to make an
exact copy of what you "install from internet" today unless you're
not connected to the internet at the time and you have access to the same
local directory with all the files.  In this case, "install from
internet" is basically the same as "install from local directory" in
terms of end result, though you'd have to check that making this
selection in setup in this case does work out to be the same.  And, like
I said, I don't see why one would want to do that.  Does one or the
other of these scenarios describe what you're trying to do and provide
the answer you're looking for?

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