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Re: [setup] patches

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> I saw some .gitattributes file mentioning exactly this ChangeLog merging
> in the binutils-gdb repo and copied it over so it's part of our repo as
> well.

That deals with the problem of merging log files.  If you do keep a
manual log just about any merge would create a conflict since you're
always editing the same part of the file.

> I don't know exactly where to go from there.  The comment claims the
> user has to install the git-merge-changelog package and per the comment
> "this is the tricky part!".  Why that's the tricky part beats me.  The
> git-merge-changelog package is part of the Fedora distro.

It is also in openSUSE, but other than that you'd have to install it by

> So, is that really all there is?  Installing git-merge-changelog,
> adding
>   [merge "merge-changelog"]
> 	  name = GNU-style ChangeLog merge driver
> 	  driver = git-merge-changelog %O %A %B
> to my .gitconfig and shoot?  So ultimately the user has to make the choice
> whether generating ChangeLogs automatically or manually, right?

Yes, you now have a merge driver for ChangeLog files and Git can use it
instead of the simple merge it would use otherwise.

>> For starters it only needs to trace back to the latest tag and not
>> through all commits and the tags give you an easy way to refer to
>> exactly the commit some release has been made from.
> Ok, I trust you tested it?  Please check in (with ChangeLog ;))

This is Git, so if you want to give it a spin, please add this as an
additional remote:, then pull
from my "local" branch.

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