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Re: [setup] patches

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> We're not going to skip writing ChangeLog entries.  If there is some
> automatism to write *correctly formatted* ChangeLog entries from the git
> commit message, then that method can and should be used.

If they're correctly formatted to begin with it's no problem at all and
the extraction into an actual ChangeLog file is easily scriptable.

> Still, how's that better than creating the automatic version number from
> ChangeLog?

For starters it only needs to trace back to the latest tag and not
through all commits and the tags give you an easy way to refer to
exactly the commit some release has been made from.  It's also what a
lot of other projects using Git do.  Plus it keeps the version format
the same instead of simply jumping to 940.  So if you want to keep doing
it this way it'd be good if we at least prepended "2." before that
number and maybe even subtract 71 from it.

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