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Re: [setup] patches

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> On Feb 14 20:06, Achim Gratz wrote:
>> First patch to follow the usual convention of using annotated release
>> tags for determining the version (tag 4782666e90 as "release_2.869" for
>> testing).
> I'm at a loss.  Right now, after my last checkin, we're simply continuing
> to use the ChangeLog version number for the setup release.  What is the
> advanatage of introducing an "annotated tag", whatever that is.

You can tag whenever you do a release and still get a useful version
number from inbetween commits even when they don't touch ChangeLog.  If
and when the commit meesages are by themselves formatted like ChangeLog
entries the need for a manually created ChangeLog is actually gone and
it can easily be created automatically if desired (for each release,

> In the below changes I don't see any way to create the version number
> automatically so I take it the tag has to be created manually.  How's
> that better?

The tag has to be created manually, yes.  It's easy enough to do when a
release is made and can be supported by the Makefile.  The version
number is just the tag name for the release version.  For commits after
a release the version number becomes

<tag-version>-<number of commits past tag>-"g"<SHA1 abbrev>

which is easily mapped back to the actual commit.

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