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Re: [setup] patches

On Feb 15 14:18, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > On Feb 14 20:06, Achim Gratz wrote:
> >> 
> >> First patch to follow the usual convention of using annotated release
> >> tags for determining the version (tag 4782666e90 as "release_2.869" for
> >> testing).
> >
> > I'm at a loss.  Right now, after my last checkin, we're simply continuing
> > to use the ChangeLog version number for the setup release.  What is the
> > advanatage of introducing an "annotated tag", whatever that is.
> You can tag whenever you do a release and still get a useful version
> number from inbetween commits even when they don't touch ChangeLog.  If
> and when the commit meesages are by themselves formatted like ChangeLog
> entries the need for a manually created ChangeLog is actually gone and
> it can easily be created automatically if desired (for each release,
> say).

We're not going to skip writing ChangeLog entries.  If there is some
automatism to write *correctly formatted* ChangeLog entries from the git
commit message, then that method can and should be used.

In the past (and in the future), if ChangeLog entries were not written,
this was only supposed to happen if they don't go along with code changes.

> > In the below changes I don't see any way to create the version number
> > automatically so I take it the tag has to be created manually.  How's
> > that better?
> The tag has to be created manually, yes.  It's easy enough to do when a
> release is made and can be supported by the Makefile.  The version
> number is just the tag name for the release version.  For commits after
> a release the version number becomes
> <tag-version>-<number of commits past tag>-"g"<SHA1 abbrev>
> which is easily mapped back to the actual commit.

Still, how's that better than creating the automatic version number from


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