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Re: Setup patch to keep test version if test version installed

On Jan 27 20:59, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > Example?  I just tried the libppl and libmpc1 packages, and they simply
> > don;'t show up anymore, neither in the current setup 2.859, nor ithe
> > test setup 2.861.  I don't see a difference in behaviour.
> You have to use the -o / --delete-orphans option for this to kick in.
> It should still work in 2.859 or at least it did for me.  This trustp
> business in setup is a bit annoying and intransparent, but I'll figure
> out how to fix it again.

I think I see why this happens.  I'll have a closer look tomorrow.

> > Maybe it was a mistake to simpy remove the packages, rather then going
> > out of my way and mark the packages obsolete instead?
> I can make obsolescence packages if anybody thinks it's useful.

Thanks, but if the -o option works again, probably not.

> > That's another type of dependency.  You're talking about installing all
> > packages that are created from the same source, which is a good idea,
> > certainly.
> No, I'm only talking about installing all packages from the same source
> with the same version selector (from prev/curr/exp).  The user still
> gets to chose which of the packages to install, but shouldn't be able to
> install devel from curr and doc from prev and libwhatever from test.

Why not?  Consider:  I want to *run* the new DLL, but I want to *build*
packages for the current release.  That means, I need cygwin-1.7.34-005
but cygwin-devel-1.7.33-1.

> > I was talking about entirely different packages the "test" package
> > depends on.  Let's say, Eric releases a new "test" bash and a new "test"
> > readline.  When somebody chooses to install the "test" bash, the
> > dependency algorithm should automatically install the "test" libreadline
> > since bash depends on readline.
> I've thought about this before, but that would require the format of
> setup.hint and setup.ini to change and (at least optionally) allow
> different dependencies per prev/curr/exp section.



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