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Re: Setup patch to keep test version if test version installed

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> I checked in code which fixes this issue, which simplifies the package
> choosing algorithm when clicking on the package line, and which
> implements the default package in a way which never "downgrades" a
> package without the user's explicit consent by choosing the lower
> package version manually.  This is much more in line with the update
> mechanism in Linux package managers.

You may have solved a long-standing problem.  Let's see if everything
else still works... :-)

BTW, if you switch one package to "test" (or "prev"), then all packages
belonging to the same source package must be switched to the same state.
I'm currently doing this with an external tool via setup.ini rewrites,
but setup.exe should be taught how to do that for manual intervention.

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