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Re: [ITP] libgcrypt-1.2.0-2

Gerrit schrieb:

> Hi Reini,

>>>>>I'd rather run ./ style scripts in the conf step.
>>> That would give the same patch size (usually it runs also aclocal,
>>> libtoolize, autoconf, automake).

>> no, do it in the .sh script. That keeps the patch to the bare and 
>> readable minimum,

> I cannot confirm that it reduces the patch sizes.  It will always be
> huge, even if you use automake-1.8 where the upstream package includes
> automak-1.79 generated files.

Sorry, my fault, misread your repliy.  I already described why I don't
do it dynamically.  Anyway, what is the problem with the great patches?

You can open an editor and search for +++ and you'll see that the
interesting files are always &

Patchfiles are not for reading, though.

What you can do is: open the buildscript of any package and add the
following to the mkpatch function: -x '' -x 'configure' \
-x '' -x 'aclocal.m4' -x 'config.sub' -x 'missing' and so on,
then you'll get a patchfile with only the relevant changes.  What about
including a function in the g-b-s to create such a small patch in
CYGWIN-PATCHES and deliver this minimal patch too?


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