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Re: [ITP] libgcrypt-1.2.0-2

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
Reini schrieb:
monster patch (gerrit-style)

Hey, all the great packages outside are including libtool-1.4 and require automake-1.4 and autoconf-2.13, why should we depend on five years old packages which are buggy and unusable most of the time?

by using our own autotool 1.5 scripts in the prep or conf step. Lapo does in prep (see libungif), I do it in conf. (prep might be better as I think of it)

I'd rather run ./ style scripts in the conf step.

That would give the same patch size (usually it runs also aclocal, libtoolize, autoconf, automake).

no, do it in the .sh script. That keeps the patch to the bare and readable minimum,
and you only have to persuade the maintainers upstream to use
the newer 1.5 autotools. (just for our dll's, but what the heck.)
with the monster patch (new libtool, .in files, ...) they might get frightened.
And our src dependencies in the README must list the -devel autotool 1.5 requirements of course, otherwise it will fail, and your explicit patch must be used.
Reini Urban

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