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Red Hat's Commitment to Open Source

From the start, Red Hat and Cygnus have embraced the model of Free Software. That's since the 1995 first release of Red Hat Linux and the 1989 first customer release of Cygnus GNUPro. In fact, we believe that our commitment to Free Software is the source of our success and innovation. The impact of free software (also known as open source software) on the status quo is dramatic.

Open source software defines innovation and functionality in the marketplace by new terms. When a product's source code is available, functionality, quality, and access increase at a rate that cannot be matched by the proprietary model. To underscore our commitment to this phenomenon, Red Hat is pleased to provide, a site aimed at providing first-rate hosting of open source projects for software developers. hosts dozens of free software projects, including major developer packages for the GNU Project such as GCC, GDB, glibc, Binutils, GNATS, and others.

Red Hat believes that software infrastructure should be free. To that end, we are sharing our infrastructure technologies with the intention of establishing a common, open standard platform for software developers. We also actively contribute to all of the GNU Project software development technologies.

Note hosts GNU packages and other outside projects as a favor to the developers. These are not Red Hat products, and Red Hat doesn't decide what to put in them, but Red Hat is proud to help them out with facilities and, in some cases, by contributions of code.

Participation of organizations and individuals around the world is critical. Red Hat will support and manage this site, and will contribute much of our innovation to keep this infrastructure evolving. However, it is not solely through our efforts that these technologies become successful. Over time, we will be hosting additional technologies and driving new initiatives. And what we call infrastructure today will continue to grow.

Thanks for participating in this community.

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