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March 29, 2024
Sourceware hosts are not affected by the latest xz backdoor. We have reset the containers of debian-testing, fedora-rawhide and opensuse-tumbleweed. These containers however didn't have ssh installed, were running on isolated VMs on separate machines from our main hosts, snapshots and backup servers.
March 26, 2024
Sourceware 2024 - The Plan. In 2024 we want to concentrate on isolating and scaling. In the last two years we doubled the number of machines that we run the services on. Some of the services are already setup in containers or on isolated VMs. But most of the services are still isolated through traditional unix mechanisms. Moving those into containers or VMs will help scaling, making it easy to move onto separate physical machines. It will also provide security in depth.
February 27, 2024
Sourceware infrastructure community updates for Q1 2024. Sourceware now has an official donation page. StarFive VisionFive-2 RISC-V boards for server2 and server3 disk drive updates. Upgrading project websites from CVS to GIT. Sourceware @ Fosdem. Security policy updates for a CVE system out of control. Summer of Code.
February 01, 2024
StarFive has donated 4 VisionFive-2 risc-v boards with 8GB, 4-core JH7110 supporting the RV64GC ISA for the CI running on
January 12, 2024
One of the drives in server2 broke down. It is part of a 10 drive raid6 setup. So we are fine for now. raid6 can take 2 bad disks. We also have a full mirror on server3. Which has a similar raid6 setup. We ordered 3 new disks, one as replacement for the bad disk and a spare for server2 and server3 in case of future drive failures. We have a fund for replacing hardware when needed. If you want to help out keeping everything running smoothly you can donate.

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Occasionally asked questions:

I can't access the ftp site. Mirrors?
There are several sites which mirror the free software ftp site. You can see the full list on the free software mirrors list page.

What is your true name? But I am also called,,,,,,, and During the dot-com boom years I was called and

How are the projects chosen? Can I host my free software project there?
Currently, we are pleased to be able to provide a home for various core toolchain and development tool offerings and certain GNU Project packages such as GCC, GDB, glibc, Binutils, and others. However, we currently only have the capacity to host a limited number of projects.
So, while it doesn't hurt to ask if your project can be hosted here, we do have to be selective in what we offer.
With luck, this will change soon, as we are contemplating increasing the capacity of both the system and the internet connection that it uses to communicate with the outside world.

I need an account on sourceware for git/svn/cvs write access to project XYZ?
We have an XYZ Project? Cool!
Ok, you need write access for a project hosted on Sourceware you say? Well, first you'll need to have your request approved by the project maintainer(s). Once they give their ok, you can use our handy dandy little form and we'll process your request. This will provide you with an account on If, in the future, you want to contribute to the repository of another project (remember that, and share projects), have a responsible party send email to the admin-requests mailing list at this site requesting that you be added to the project. Do not fill this form out again.

Do you have a privacy statement for this site?
Hey, why not.
We're not recording anything about you, short of the normal web logs which show what pages are being downloaded by what host. We'd never use any of the mailing list subscription information for anything other than the normal distribution of e-mail to that list.

We are not out to get you.

Oh, from time to time we do generate some aggregate reports but those don't identify you individually, so stop worrying.

A lot of the software here is compressed in the .bz2 format. What is that?
bzip2 (".bz2") is a compression program similar to gzip (".gz"), but it produces much smaller files than gzip. You can get the source for bzip2, or pre-built binaries for most platforms, from the bzip2 home page. Most recent free software distributions include bzip2, so you may already have it on your system.

Is it true that the first lunar landing was faked?
Of course. Everyone knows that. See the PBS documentary about it, Capricorn One.

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