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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

List administrators, you can visit the list admin overview page to find the management interface for your list.

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List Description
Annobin Discussions regarding annobin and annocheck
Anonymous [no description available]
Archer Archer mailing list
Archer-commits Archer-commits mailing list
Autobook-cvs [no description available]
Autobook-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Autoconf-cvs Autoconf-cvs mailing list
Autoconf-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Bfd Bfd mailing list
Binutils Binutils mailing list
Binutils-conduct The GNU Binutils Code of Conduct Mailing List
Binutils-cvs Binutils-cvs mailing list
Binutils-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Buildbot The buildbot
Bunsen Bunsen mailing list
Bzip2-cvs [no description available]
Bzip2-devel Bzip2-devel mailing list
Bzip2-webpages-cvs [no description available]
C++-embedded C++-embedded mailing list
C++-embedded-cvs [no description available]
C++-embedded-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Catapult-cvs [no description available]
Catapult-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Cgen Cgen mailing list
Cgen-cvs Cgen-cvs mailing list
Cgen-prs Cgen-prs mailing list
Cgen-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Cluster-cvs Cluster-cvs mailing list
Cluster-webpages-cvs [no description available]
crossgcc crossgcc mailing list
Debugedit debugedit development mailing list
Dm-cvs Dm-cvs mailing list
Dm-webpages-cvs Dm-webpages-cvs mailing list
Docbook-tools-announce Docbook-tools-announce mailing list
Docbook-tools-cvs Docbook-tools-cvs mailing list
Docbook-tools-discuss Docbook-tools-discuss mailing list
Docbook-tools-hackers [no description available]
Docbook-tools-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Dominion-announce Dominion-announce mailing list
Dominion-cvs Dominion-cvs mailing list
Dominion-discuss Dominion-discuss mailing list
Dominion-hackers Dominion-hackers mailing list
Dominion-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Dwz Dwz mailing list
Eclipse Eclipse mailing list
Ecos-announce Ecos-announce mailing list
eCos-bugs eCos-bugs mailing list
Ecos-cvs Ecos-cvs mailing list
Ecos-devel Ecos-devel mailing list
Ecos-discuss Ecos-discuss mailing list
Ecos-maintainers Ecos-maintainers mailing list
Ecos-patches Ecos-patches mailing list
Ecos-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Elfutils-conduct [no description available]
Elfutils-devel Elfutils-devel mailing list
Elix Elix mailing list
Elix-announce Elix-announce mailing list
Elix-cvs [no description available]
Elix-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Frysk Frysk mailing list
Frysk-bugzilla Frysk-bugzilla mailing list
Frysk-cvs Frysk-cvs mailing list
Frysk-testresults Frysk-testresults mailing list
Frysk-webpages-cvs Frysk-webpages-cvs mailing list
Gas2 Gas2 mailing list
Gdb Gdb mailing list
Gdb-announce Gdb-announce mailing list
Gdb-conduct The GDB Code of Conduct Mailing List
Gdb-cvs Gdb-cvs mailing list
Gdb-patches Gdb-patches mailing list
Gdb-patches-prs Gdb-patches-prs mailing list
Gdb-prs Gdb-prs mailing list
Gdb-testers Gdb-testers mailing list
Gdb-testresults Gdb-testresults mailing list
Gdb-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Gdbadmin Gdbadmin mailing list
Gettext-alpha Gettext-alpha mailing list
Gettext-announce Gettext-announce mailing list
Gettext-cvs Gettext-cvs mailing list
Gettext-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Glibc-bugs Glibc-bugs mailing list
Glibc-bugs-regex Glibc-bugs-regex mailing list
glibc-conduct The glibc Code of Conduct Committee Mailing List
Glibc-cvs Glibc-cvs mailing list
Glibc-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Global [no description available]
Gnats-admin [no description available]
Gnats-announce Gnats-announce mailing list
Gnats-cvs Gnats-cvs mailing list
Gnats-devel Gnats-devel mailing list
Gnats-prs Gnats-prs mailing list
Gnats-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Gnu-gabi Gnu-gabi mailing list
Gsl-announce Gsl-announce mailing list
Gsl-cvs Gsl-cvs mailing list
Gsl-discuss Gsl-discuss mailing list
Gsl-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Guile-cvs Guile-cvs mailing list
Guile-emacs Guile-emacs mailing list
Guile-emacs-cvs Guile-emacs-cvs mailing list
Guile-gtk Guile-gtk mailing list
Guile-prs Guile-prs mailing list
Guile-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Infinity Infinity mailing list
Insight Insight mailing list
Insight-announce Insight-announce mailing list
Insight-cvs [no description available]
Insight-prs Insight-prs mailing list
Insight-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Installshell Installshell mailing list
Installshell-cvs Installshell-cvs mailing list
Inti [no description available]
Inti-cvs [no description available]
Inti-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Ip-over-scsi-cvs [no description available]
Ip-over-scsi-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Jffs2-cvs Jffs2-cvs mailing list
Jffs2-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Kawa Kawa mailing list
Kawa-cvs [no description available]
Kawa-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Libabigail Mailing list of the Libabigail project
Libabigail-webpages-cvs Libabigail-webpages-cvs mailing list
Libaio Libaio mailing list
Libaio-cvs Libaio-cvs mailing list
Libaio-webpages-cvs Libaio-webpages-cvs mailing list
Libc-alpha Libc-alpha mailing list
Libc-alpha1 [no description available]
Libc-announce Libc-announce mailing list
Libc-hacker Libc-hacker mailing list
Libc-help Libc-help mailing list
Libc-locales Libc-locales mailing list
Libc-ports Libc-ports mailing list
Libc-stable Libc-stable mailing list
Libc-testresults Libc-testresults mailing list
Libffi-announce Libffi-announce mailing list
Libffi-cvs [no description available]
Libffi-discuss Libffi-discuss mailing list
Libffi-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Lvm-cvs Lvm-cvs mailing list
Lvm-webpages-cvs Lvm-webpages-cvs mailing list
Lvm2-cvs Lvm2-cvs mailing list
Lvm2-webpages-cvs Lvm2-webpages-cvs mailing list
Mailer-daemon [no description available]
Mauve-announce Mauve-announce mailing list
Mauve-cvs [no description available]
Mauve-discuss Mauve-discuss mailing list
Mauve-patches Mauve-patches mailing list
Mauve-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Mingw-cvs Mingw-cvs mailing list
Mingw-dvlpr Mingw-dvlpr mailing list
Netresolve Netresolve mailing list
Newlib Newlib mailing list
Newlib-cvs Newlib GIT logs
Newlib-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Overseers Overseers mailing list
Patchutils-cvs Patchutils-cvs mailing list
Patchutils-list Patchutils-list mailing list
Patchutils-webpages-cvs Patchutils-webpages-cvs mailing list
Piranha-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Prelink Prelink mailing list
Prelink-svn [no description available]
Psim-cvs [no description available]
Psim-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Pthreads-win32 Pthreads-win32 mailing list
Pthreads-win32-cvs [no description available]
Pthreads-win32-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Rda Rda mailing list
Rhdb Rhdb mailing list
Rhdb-admin Rhdb-admin mailing list
Rhdb-announce Rhdb-announce mailing list
Rhdb-cc Rhdb-cc mailing list
Rhdb-cvs Rhdb-cvs mailing list
Rhdb-explain Rhdb-explain mailing list
Rhdb-installer Rhdb-installer mailing list
Rhdb-jdbc Rhdb-jdbc mailing list
Rhdb-utils Rhdb-utils mailing list
Rhdb-webpages-cvs Rhdb-webpages-cvs mailing list
Rhl-cvs Rhl-cvs mailing list
Rhug-cvs Rhug-cvs mailing list
Rhug-rhats Rhug-rhats mailing list
Rpm2html Rpm2html mailing list
Rpm2html-cvs Rpm2html-cvs mailing list
Rpm2html-prs Rpm2html-prs mailing list
Sharutils-alpha Sharutils-alpha mailing list
Sharutils-announce Sharutils-announce mailing list
Sharutils-cvs Sharutils-cvs mailing list
Sharutils-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Sid Sid mailing list
Sid-announce Sid-announce mailing list
Sid-cvs Sid-cvs mailing list
Sid-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Sourcenav Sourcenav mailing list
Sourcenav-announce Sourcenav-announce mailing list
Sourcenav-cvs Sourcenav-cvs mailing list
Sourcenav-prs Sourcenav-prs mailing list
Sourcenav-webpages-cvs Sourcenav-webpages-cvs mailing list
Sourceware-announce Sourceware-announce mailing list
Sourceware-cvs [no description available]
Sourceware-cvs-sourceware [no description available]
Sourceware-cvs-sourceware-webpages [no description available]
Sourceware-infra-cvs [no description available]
Sourceware-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Springfield Springfield mailing list
Src-cvs Src-cvs mailing list
Systemtap Systemtap mailing list
Systemtap-cvs Systemtap-cvs mailing list
Systemtap-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Testcvs-cvs [no description available]
Testcvs-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Webmaster [no description available]
Win32-x11-cvs [no description available]
Win32-x11-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Xconq-announce Xconq-announce mailing list
Xconq-cvs Xconq-cvs mailing list
Xconq-prs Xconq-prs mailing list
Xconq-webpages-cvs [no description available]
Xconq7 Xconq7 mailing list

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